2018 Movies

This years progress at tackling the Psychotronic Video Guide[1] as well as the trigon-film catalog.

  1. Ixcanul [2015], 2018-05-21
  2. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night [2014], 2018-06-10

  1. How to know a Psychotronic Movie:

    These films can commonly be identified by their use of exploitation elements and their interest in humanity's lower common demoninators.

    They occur throughout the world, but are particuarly common at midnight movie festivals and in video stores' cult sections, they are especially frequent at that beloved and dying institution, the drive-in.

    Their packaging is commonly deceptive. They almost always appear on videocassette.

    Among their kind are biker films, sci-fi series, quickie biopics, gimmick films, teen sex comedies, blaxploitation films, stalkers, slashers, snoozers, shrudderers, and anything starring Lynda Blair, David Carradine, Shannon Tweed or Drew Barrymore.

    And they're all here in the Psychotronic Video Guide.